come out of

Also, come from or come of. Issue, proceed, or result from, as in What good can come out of all this wrangling? or Where are these questions coming from? or What do you think will come of this change? The first term dates from the early 1600s, the second from the early 1200s, and the third from the late 1500s. Also see where one is coming from.

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How to use come out of in a sentence

  • She said she had to get that music into her fingers before to-morrow, so she is the only one who didn't come out-of-doors.

    The Four Corners Abroad | Amy Ella Blanchard
  • With this method is secured a succession of bloom from January until the spring flowers come out-of-doors.

    Gardening for Little Girls | Olive Hyde Foster
  • Then, if you will come out-of-doors, where there is less likelihood of interruption than in the house, I will wait for you here.