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come through


  1. adverb to emerge successfully
  2. preposition to survive (an illness, setback, etc)

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Example Sentences

She has this little bit of a bite to her and a fight within her that does come through in little moments.

The gift of candidates devoid of personality is that the character of the electorate has a chance to come through.

It would come through to Camden Station, Baltimore, without stop, and we could have our circulation hustlers waiting for it there.

How can anyone pass judgment, though, without having come through the same pressures he has?

The first human being to come through Ellis Island was an unaccompanied minor.

Some of us have come through "the solemn realities of life," and have not realised that Christianity is true.

They were fine, clean-cut, likable boys, who had come through the war with colors flying.

I think he will come through the Thoroughfare at this eastern end of Grand Island, which he must have studied out on the charts.

My mind is so full at present that I cannot say if I shall be able to write ours, even if I come through all right.

One of the men there had to be carried away with his eye knocked out by a bullet which had come through the parapet.


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