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[ kuhm-fee ]


, Informal.
, com·fi·er, com·fi·est.


/ ˈkʌmfɪ /


  1. informal.
    short for comfortable
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Other Words From

  • comfi·ly adverb
  • comfi·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of comfy1

1820–30; comf(ortable) + -y 2, anomalously forming an adj.
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Example Sentences

The hard part will be finding living Martian microbes to analyze, given that the comfiest spots on modern Mars lie deep below the surface.

Take advantage of wireless connection and print straight from your comfy couch workspace or distant office desk.

These chairs are as comfy to lounge in as Adirondacks, but take up a fraction of the space.

Slouchy and comfy but still modern and cute, this set quickly became my I-barely-leave-the-house-anymore winter uniform.

When it comes to wrapping your body up at night, you need to be surrounded by something soft and comfy.

Good news is that $20 million DoA catfish office has comfy chairs and recent issues of catfish newsletters and magazines.

In other words, it may be that the only thing more seductive than the lure of the comfy life is the gauzy embrace of nostalgia.

The shock horror satisfies our cravings for conflict and yet justifies our comfy suburban disconnect.

But on this, from his comfy reelected position, Dimon is correct.

Getting more comfy cozy in front of the out world, here I come!

I dont see my pet Circassian walnut set or my dear comfy old window seat, with about a thousand, more or less, nice downy pillows.

Then they each must climb up and feel the eggs lying soft and snug in their comfy cavity.

Don't I wish we'd run across him in the woods, and were toasting our shins alongside a fire in his comfy little place right now!

An' if yer daon't get rid o' some of it in bein' kind—yer daon't feel syfe nor comfy.

I noticed two dark ships steaming up the little river, but was too lazy and 'comfy' to take any interest in them.


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