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comic book


  1. a magazine with one or more comic strips.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of comic book1

First recorded in 1940–45

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Example Sentences

Based on her comic book origin story, she’s destined to become the second Captain Marvel.

A comic book aficionado, Rafner worked at a comic book store where dozens of customers became friends.

While that happens, we're resurfacing some vintage Ars stories like this 2014 examination of a classic comic book claim, "The Battle of the Century."

Much of 2020’s best food writing is in novels, comic books, and middle-grade fiction

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When it comes to comic books and graphic novels, you can buy them directly from the Amazon Kindle Store.

Same goes for the comic book character “Captain America,” which Marvel announced in July would be now be portrayed as a black man.

What do you think prompted the change in comic book representation of LGBTQ characters?

Why is it important to have a bisexual character in a comic book?

Comic book heroes are even hotter—Spiderman and Batman probably earn more money nowadays than Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

Marvel and DC Plan 20 Movies for the Next Six Years: Will the Comic Book Movie Bubble Burst?

This isn't a time machine in the comic book use of the term.

Even the French comic-book publisher responsible for Asterix.

He glanced at the tree behind which, he knew, doom sat reading a comic book.

The comic book convention was questioned as to its appropriateness for the tragic theme.

Anger spent, Kowalski probably just wanted to get back to her comic book.