[ kuhm-ing ]
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  1. approach; arrival; advent: His coming here was a mistake.

  1. following or impending; next; approaching: the coming year.

  2. promising future fame or success: a coming actor.

Origin of coming

1250–1300; Middle English; see come, -ing1, -ing2

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How to use coming in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for coming


/ (ˈkʌmɪŋ) /

  1. (prenominal) (of time, events, etc) approaching or next: this coming Thursday

  2. promising (esp in the phrase up and coming)

  1. of future importance: this is the coming thing

  2. coming up! informal an expression used to announce that a meal is about to be served

  3. have it coming to one informal to deserve what one is about to suffer

  4. not know whether one is coming or going to be totally confused

  1. arrival or approach

  2. (often capital) Christianity the return of Christ in glory: See also Second Coming

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Other Idioms and Phrases with coming


In addition to the idioms beginning with coming

  • coming and going, have someone
  • coming or going, not know if one is
  • coming out of one's ears
  • comings and goings

also see:

  • get what's coming to one
  • have another guess coming
  • have it coming
  • where one is coming from

Also see undercome.

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