[ kom-uh-noot, -nyoot ]
/ ˈkɒm əˌnut, -ˌnyut /

verb (used with object), com·mi·nut·ed, com·mi·nut·ing.

to pulverize; triturate.


comminuted; divided into small parts.
powdered; pulverized.

Origin of comminute

1620–30; < Latin comminūtus, past participle of comminuere, equivalent to com- com- + minuere to lessen, akin to minor minor


com·mi·nu·tion, nounun·com·mi·nut·ed, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

Examples from the Web for comminute

  • That the stomach is fully able to comminute the food may be proved by the following calculation.

  • Likewise the double teeth or grinders, either drop out, or rot away; so as now to be too few remaining to comminute solid food.

    Medica Sacra|Richard Mead

British Dictionary definitions for comminute

/ (ˈkɒmɪˌnjuːt) /


to break (a bone) into several small fragments
to divide (property) into small lots
(tr) to pulverize

Derived forms of comminute

comminution, noun

Word Origin for comminute

C17: from Latin comminuere, from com- (intensive) + minuere to reduce; related to minor
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Medical definitions for comminute

[ kŏmə-nōōt′ ]


To reduce to powder; to pulverize.

Other words from comminute

com′mi•nution n.
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