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[kaw-mee; English kuh-mee]
noun, plural com·mis [kaw-mee; English kuh-meez] /kɔˈmi; English kəˈmiz/. French.
  1. an assistant, especially to a chef.
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Historical Examples of commis

  • I owe the commis, vhat you call it, fifteen cents for leedle tobac.


    Edwin A. Brown

  • Commis′sioner, one who holds a commission to perform some business: a member of a commission; Commis′sionership.

  • Linschoten was "commis" on board, a post which included both the employment of supercargo and that of owners' commissioner.

  • The rules are, however, generally enforced with great civility; but the commis was not civil.

  • To-day it is ignored by all save the commis voyageur and a comparatively small number of the genuine French touristes.

British Dictionary definitions for commis


noun plural -mis
  1. an agent or deputy
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  1. (of a waiter or chef) apprentice
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Word Origin for commis

C16 (meaning: deputy): from French, from commettre to employ, commit
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