common decency

[ kom-uhn dee-suhn-see ]


  1. moral or ethical behavior that is guided by fairness, empathy, propriety, justice, etc.:

    What ever happened to restraint, respect, and common decency?

    Let's show some common decency and humanity and make the law nondiscriminatory.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of common decency1

First recorded in 1630–40
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Example Sentences

This affront to common sense and common decency is difficult to defend.

The move might seem like a concession to common decency—until one considers the facts on the ground.

No surprise, then, that having slipped the moorings of a common reality it slipped the moorings of a common decency as well.

Obama gambled on the common sense and the common decency of the American people, and he won.

The streets of San Juan were so clean that even the trailer of skirts might for once be forgiven her lack of common decency.

It is only common decency after one has used a bathtub to rinse and wipe it for the sake of the next person.

The State ought to apologize, in common decency, for ever having suggested these things.

Thirdly, that common decency be no longer outraged by any girl above fifteen receiving corporal punishment.

You've been bitten by this modern disease, this—this, utter lack of common decency.





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