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common sense

[ kom-uhn sens ]


  1. sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.

common sense


  1. plain ordinary good judgment; sound practical sense


  1. inspired by or displaying sound practical sense

Common Sense

  1. (1776) A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that called for the United States to declare independence from Britain immediately. Written in a brisk and pungent style, Common Sense had a tremendous impact and helped to persuade many Americans that they could successfully wage a war for their independence.

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Other Words From

  • com·mon-sense com·mon·sense adjective
  • com·mon·sen·si·cal com·mon·sen·si·ble adjective
  • com·mon·sen·si·cal·ly com·mon·sen·si·bly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of common sense1

1525–35; translation of Latin sēnsus commūnis, itself translation of Greek koinḕ aísthēsis
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Example Sentences

Don’t burn the house down, but have fun with itWith a little common sense and some practice, you’ll wonder why you haven’t cooked with the broiler forever.

From Eater

I think it just kind of makes common sense that the number one constituency that every CEO probably cares the most about is their employees.

From Fortune

Every choice he made came from a place of courage and common sense and journalistic integrity.

Use common sense in rationing your shot signals, but don’t be stingy with the whistle.

Algorithmic thinking can reduce chaos and slow-downs, identify gaps between what we are doing and need to doAs a new administration takes office, there is hope that the vaccination rollout will be infused with both common sense and urgency.

Letting humans use their common sense is not an invitation to anarchy.

Common sense is not a just a normative judgment about wisdom, but a structural feature of any functioning organization.

We have to use common sense inclusiveness, because we are quickly getting to a place where our brain is falling out.

But in 2014, numerous states passed common-sense public safety laws, showing that the momentum for gun safety is building.

His ideology is just so strong and so powerful that it clouds his vision for common sense and objectiveness.

So one's common sense fails to establish a definite reasonable time.

There are many cases like this in which one's common sense fails to furnish a correct, yet needful guide.

But surely this point of view is the very converse of the teachings of common sense.

His cheerfulness was unbounded, and it was matched by his goodness of heart, his broad charity, and common sense.

Then his mother-wit came out, his lively humour and practical common sense—all unstudied and natural.





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