[ kuhm-pan-yuhn-ship ]
/ kəmˈpæn yənˌʃɪp /
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association as companion; fellowship.
Printing. a group of compositors working under a foreman.
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Origin of companionship

First recorded in 1540–50; companion1 + -ship
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What does companionship mean?

Companionship is the state of spending time with someone or having someone to spend time with—the state of having a companion or being someone’s companion.

A companion is a person who frequently spends time with you, associates with you, or accompanies you when you go places. Companionship is similar to friendship, and a person one calls a companion is usually their friend or romantic partner. But the word companionship specifically implies that a lot of time is spent in each other’s company.

The word commonly applies to relationships between people, but pets can also provide companionship.

Example: People make fun of older people for using dating sites, but the truth is that a lot of them are just lonely and looking for companionship.

Where does companionship come from?

The first records of the word companionship come from the 1540s. The word companion comes from a Late Latin word meaning “one who eats bread with another,” from the parts com-, “with,” and pānis, “bread.” The word company is based on the same roots. The suffix -ship is used in the same way as it is in words like friendship and relationship.

Companionship can come from close friendships or even more intimate relationships, such as between siblings or spouses. When you experience companionship, it means you’re frequently in the company of someone—eating together, going places together, and generally spending time together. When people describe themselves as seeking companionship on a dating app, it typically means they’re looking for a romantic partner to spend a lot of time with, especially to enjoy the same activities together. Pets often provide companionship that helps people feel less lonely. In all cases, companionship is about being together.

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How is companionship used in real life?

Companionship is often used when talking about human relationships, but it can also be applied to the companionship provided to people by their pets.



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Which of the following people is someone with whom you could share companionship?

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British Dictionary definitions for companionship

/ (kəmˈpænjənˌʃɪp) /

the relationship of friends or companions; fellowship
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