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[ kuhm-par-uh-tiv-lee ]


  1. in comparison to some other person or thing, or to others in a similar category; relatively:

    Their hamburger was large, flavorful, and served with a decent number of onion rings, for a comparatively low price.

  2. in a way that uses or proceeds by comparison:

    The aim of this study is to comparatively examine sun exposure and sun protection behaviors of young children in two urban settings.

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Driven by young Burmese who came of age with internet access and the comparative freedoms of the last decade, the civil disobedience movement is being organized online, particularly on Facebook, which is hugely popular in the country.

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This image has popped up in other comparative contexts, but this is by far the most visible this photo has ever been.

Aircraft or spacecraft—either way it was thousands or even millions of pounds of explosive, high-speed hardware controlled by a comparative fly-weight bit of human.

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Forty-six states have abandoned that standard in favor of a comparative negligence standard, which dictates how responsibility for a collision would be shared between those involved.

Despite that comparative drop-off, Rapinoe still finished in the top five in the NWSL in goals per 90 minutes in 2017 and 2018.

Egypt has a comparatively low number of HIV cases compared to the rest of Africa, with just 11,000 infected people nationwide.

The administration is, however, keeping expectations for enrollment numbers comparatively modest this time around.

Comparatively, during those same years CBP flagged 21 percent of migrants from other countries for credible fear interviews.

We ignore the comparatively free elections held in Iran, elections that bring the likes of a Hassan Rouhani to the presidency.

In post-bust New York, rents were comparatively low and so the model worked.

They are still comparatively supple, and any misplaced pinnæ may be re-arranged without any difficulty.

Wheat gives place to Rye about the same time, and the Potato, at first comparatively rare, becomes universal.

Non-meerschaum smokers may not know what a delicate task this is, but once well begun the rest is comparatively easy.

The female elephant killed by our hunters at this time was a comparatively small one.

Once satisfied that it was just and honourable, and it was comparatively child's work to arrange the modus operandi.





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