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[ kom-pi-tuhnt-lee ]


  1. well or with sufficient skill, knowledge, experience, etc.:

    Everything was done professionally and very competently.

  2. adequately but not exceptionally:

    The piece is competently performed, but no more.

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Other Words From

  • non·com·pe·tent·ly adverb
  • un·com·pe·tent·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

In May 2019, a judge ordered a medical expert to examine Spears and her life to see if she is competent to control her own affairs.

From Vox

The Razorbacks have since proved themselves perfectly competent.

They are competent, decent, empathic leaders who will support and stand with us.

From Fortune

We've detailed the Fire HD line before, but in general it remains a solid value for those who want an competent tablet for as low a cost as possible.

Sure, it’s possible to create functional, competent PPC by putting things essentially on autopilot.

Had he been competently represented, the jury might well have failed to concur on a death sentence.

Flight 214 was coming in on a clear day with absolutely no other challenges than flying competently.

With any luck, the GOP will render it unable to help competently implement Obamacare as well.

He handled the foreign-policy questions competently and remained calm in the face of the full fire of the vice president.

He knew the crash was coming, and when it came, he was able to talk about it competently—unlike John McCain.

His manner was easy and indifferent, but out of his hard face cool, quiet eyes judged men and situations competently.

He was competently apportioning toward Lewistons note the different sums coming in this month.

What a satisfaction it would be to feel that his money was being so competently spent.

The apparently aimless male offspring of the so-called useless rich and great died competently enough with the rest.

I think the adult candidates were all competently instructed in the great truths.


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