[ muh-sheen ]
/ məˈʃin /
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verb (used with object), ma·chined, ma·chin·ing.

to make, prepare, or finish with a machine or with machine tools.



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Origin of machine

First recorded in 1540–50; from French, from Latin māchina, from Doric Greek māchanā́ “pulley,” akin to mâchos “contrivance”; cf. mechanic
ma·chine·less, adjectivean·ti·ma·chine, adjectiveun·ma·chined, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for machine

/ (məˈʃiːn) /



(tr) to shape, cut, or remove (excess material) from (a workpiece) using a machine tool
to use a machine to carry out a process on (something)
machinable or machineable, adjectivemachinability, nounmachineless, adjectivemachine-like, adjective
C16: via French from Latin māchina machine, engine, from Doric Greek makhana pulley; related to makhos device, contrivance
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Scientific definitions for machine

[ mə-shēn ]

A device that applies force, changes the direction of a force, or changes the strength of a force, in order to perform a task, generally involving work done on a load. Machines are often designed to yield a high mechanical advantage to reduce the effort needed to do that work.♦ A simple machine is a wheel, a lever, or an inclined plane. All other machines can be built using combinations of these simple machines; for example, a drill uses a combination of gears (wheels) to drive helical inclined planes (the drill-bit) to split a material and carve a hole in it.
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