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[ kuhm-prest ]


  1. pressed into less space; condensed:

    compressed gases.

    Antonyms: expanded

  2. pressed together:

    compressed lips.

  3. flattened by or as if by pressure:

    compressed wallboard.

  4. Zoology, Botany. flattened laterally.


/ kəmˈprɛst /


  1. squeezed together or condensed
  2. (of the form of flatfishes, certain plant parts, etc) flattened laterally along the whole length
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Other Words From

  • com·pressed·ly adverb
  • subcom·pressed adjective
  • uncom·pressed adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of compressed1

Middle English word dating back to 1325–75; compress, -ed 2
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Example Sentences

It’s the middle one you want to choose for a more compressed video format when streaming over a cellular connection.

One of these wood fuels that has been gaining popularity globally over the last decade is pellets made from compressed wood.

At the height of the second wave, the data followed a corresponding, though more compressed, pattern.

The price difference can mean that even at its most compressed, vertical farming does not save much on one of farming’s major capital expenses.

Many advertisers have spent the past several months operating on compressed schedules because they cannot do long-term planning, said Erik Requidan, the cofounder of the site monetization services consultancy Media Tradecraft.

From Digiday

His own, personal neck and chest were compressed by five other men until 43 years of life and spirit seeped away.

This continues until an impossibly huge amount of ice cream is compressed into the pint.

A high end audio system from 50 years ago sounds better than your degraded, compressed product.

The larger worlds—Jupiter and the other giants—are massive, made of compressed gas, and possess no surface to speak of.

That means they are composed of compressed gasses, with no solid surface.

Whether the drills are worked by compressed air, or by hand in the old-fashioned way, the effect is the same.

She stood regarding him a moment with lips compressed and a white, startled, angry face.

His brow was calm, but his mouth closely compressed, as if to sustain some firm resolve.

Arnold looked at her for a single comprehending instant, a pitying instant, then his lips compressed tightly as he turned away.

Sometimes the whole history is compressed into one crowded scene, as in the following example.





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