[kuh m-puhl-siv]


compelling; compulsory.
  1. pertaining to, characterized by, or involving compulsion: a compulsive desire to cry.
  2. governed by an obsessive need to conform, be scrupulous, etc., coupled with an inability to express positive emotions.


Psychology. a person whose behavior is governed by a compulsion.

Origin of compulsive

1595–1605; obsolete compulse v. (< Latin compuls(us), past participle of compellere; see compulsion) + -ive
Related formscom·pul·sive·ly, adverbcom·pul·sive·ness, com·pul·siv·i·ty [kuh m-puhl-siv-i-tee, kom-puhl-] /kəm pʌlˈsɪv ɪ ti, ˌkɒm pʌl-/, nounnon·com·pul·sive, adjectivenon·com·pul·sive·ly, adverbqua·si-com·pul·sive, adjectivequa·si-com·pul·sive·ly, adverbun·com·pul·sive, adjectiveun·com·pul·sive·ly, adverb
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relating to or involving compulsion


psychiatry an individual who is subject to a psychological compulsion
Derived Formscompulsively, adverbcompulsiveness, noun
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Word Origin and History for compulsive

c.1600, from French compulsif, from Latin compulsus, past participle of compellere (see compel). Psychological sense is from 1902. As a noun, attested from 1630s; psychological sense from 1957. Related: Compulsively; compulsiveness.

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Caused or conditioned by compulsion or obsession.


A person with behavior patterns governed by a compulsion.
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