[ kuhm-stok, kom- ]


  1. Anthony, 1844–1915, U.S. author and reformer.

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Example Sentences

Of the six contenders, Comstock enjoyed the highest name recognition and by far the most love from the party establishment.

We have a situation here”—that is, in the Comstock race—“where a convention is probably not the way to go.

But this time the party favorite is Ed Gillespie, like Comstock a longtime Washington insider—though an even better known one.

Virginia State Delegate Barbara Comstock is the ur-Republican.

This has all fueled attacks against Comstock by her opponents in the primary, who include arch conservative Del.

The charge was "obscenity," and they had been arrested at the instance of Anthony Comstock.

When the tea-bell rang, the new-comer was escorted to the dining-room, and introduced to her schoolmates as Miss Fannie Comstock.

Reference has already been made to the Comstock's delight in humor of a positive sort.

Sam Clemens, himself a practical joker in his youth, found a healthy delight in this knock-down humor of the Comstock.

Unspoiled humanity appealed to him, and the Comstock presented human nature in its earliest landscape forms.