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con artist


, Informal.
  1. a person adept at lying, cajolery, or glib self-serving talk.
  2. a person adept at swindling by means of confidence games; swindler.

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Example Sentences

The above are just a few examples of what con artists use to get you to pay with gift cards.

Marketplace’s competitors have in recent years implemented measures to rein in con artists.

What made the service popular with users has also made it popular with criminals and con artists.

A similarly diverse cohort of fresh-faced high school grads, stay-at-home moms, oddballs and con artists in need of mid-career credentials form a study group in Community.

From Time

She argued that the latter two were the literary equivalent of burglars and con artists, pilfering material from their subjects’ lives and gaining the trust of people who often felt disappointed or even betrayed by the results.

The two cross paths with a local tour guide/con artist, Rydal (Oscar Isaac), who takes a liking to them—in particular Colette.

Such was the case with [Frank] Abagnale [the notorious con artist who was the subject of the film Catch Me If You Can].

Fabulous lunatic Madame Blavatsky was a con artist, a mystic, and the founder of the Theosophist Society.


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