Conan Doyle

/ (ˈkəʊnən ˈdɔɪl, ˈkɒnən) /

  1. Sir Arthur. 1859–1930, British author of detective stories and historical romances and the creator of Sherlock Holmes

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How to use Conan Doyle in a sentence

  • Sherlock Holmes is the hero of the famous detective stories of Conan Doyle.

    Stories That Words Tell Us | Elizabeth O'Neill
  • Sir A. Conan Doyle is asserted to have taken it 'for granted that these photographs are real and genuine.'

    The Coming of the Fairies | Arthur Conan Doyle
  • As an author Conan Doyle has a wonderful gift of narrative, unusual imagination, fine constructive powers, and an effective style.

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle feels that death has not robbed him of his son's companionship.

    Revisiting the Earth | James Langdon Hill
  • This is one of the new and artistic style of detective stories, somewhat in the vein of Conan Doyle.

    That Affair at Elizabeth | Burton E. Stevenson