[ kon-kat-n-ey-shuhn ]
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  1. the act of linking together in a chain; concatenating: The network is formed by the concatenation of nodes.

  2. the state of being concatenated; connection, as in a chain: The concatenation of component elements in the power grid makes the system vulnerable to cyber attacks.

  1. a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events: Human history is a concatenation of power struggles and people trying to survive.

  2. Computers.Also called string concatenation . the process of joining strings of characters or data into a continuous series with no gaps: Due to string concatenation, the program reads “may be” and “maybe” as the same.

Origin of concatenation

First recorded in 1595–1605; from Late Latin concatēnātiōn- (stem of concatēnātiō ), equivalent to concatēnāt(us) “linked together, connected” + -iōn- noun suffix; see concatenate, -ation

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/ (kɒnˌkætɪˈneɪʃən) /

  1. a series of interconnected events, concepts, etc

  2. the act of linking together or the state of being joined

  1. logic a function that forms a single string of symbols from two given strings by placing the second after the first

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