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[ kuhn-see-did ]


  1. allowed or admitted as true, proper, just, etc.:

    A professional liar, when cornered, will strategically acknowledge a point without giving up the debate; those conceded points should form the basis of your response.

  2. acknowledged without or before being officially confirmed:

    That argument did not set a legal precedent, because it was a conceded point and not a legally established one.

    In golf, a conceded putt is one your opponent gives you, without you completing the shot.

  3. granted or yielded in a negotiation:

    Later that year, the oil company returned with security guards to install its equipment on the conceded territory.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of concede ( def ).
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Other Words From

  • con·ced·ed·ly adverb
  • un·con·ced·ed adjective
  • well-con·ced·ed adjective
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Word History and Origins

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Example Sentences

Historically, now is when the winners are gracious, the losers concede, and all Americans acknowledge the outcome and turn their attention to the challenges of everyday life.

From Fortune

WarnerMedia appears to have gotten Amazon to concede in one respect.

From Digiday

By refusing to concede, he propagates the myth that he is being forced from office precisely because he has kept faith with his base.

From Vox

To be fair, the Reds conceded seven of those 16 goals in one extraordinarily flukey match against Aston Villa.

This race has been called, but the president, as he threatened to do before the election, has refused to concede and instead leaned on a series of lawsuits to contest results.

For hydration, an IV would have been effective, as CIA medical officers conceded.

Now, having barely survived in a race that was not conceded, Malloy has some advice for his fellow Democrats.

Yet she also conceded that there is some crude residue still inside the Tesoro rail-facility stormwater system.

But he later conceded that should the economy suffer in the long run, social chaos could be a “possibility.”

“I may be jumping the gun a little bit for this Halloween,” Stinnett conceded, considering Paul is not yet quite a household name.

Seeing that this would not be conceded, he commenced to persecute Christians openly and secretly.

Carnarvon Castle is conceded from many points of view to be the finest ruin in the Kingdom.

Something was conceded on both sides; and when the session of Parliament ended there seemed to be fair hopes of a settlement.

Some of the light-weight models are using belt drive, but chain drive is generally conceded to be superior.

A great principle had been conceded, and a great injustice materially abated.