[ noun, adjective kon-surt, -sert; verb kuhn-surt ]
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  1. a public musical performance in which a number of singers or instrumentalists, or both, participate.

  2. a public performance, usually by an individual singer, instrumentalist, or the like; recital: The violinist has given concerts all over the world.

  1. agreement of two or more individuals in a design or plan; combined action; accord or harmony: His plan was greeted with a concert of abuse.

  1. designed or intended for concerts: concert hall.

  2. performed at concerts: concert music.

  1. performing or capable of performing at concerts: a concert pianist.

verb (used with object)
  1. to contrive or arrange by agreement: They were able to concert a settlement of their differences.

  2. to plan; devise: A program of action was concerted at the meeting.

verb (used without object)
  1. to plan or act together.

Idioms about concert

  1. in concert, together; jointly: to act in concert.

Origin of concert

1595–1605; (noun) <French <Italian concerto;see concerto; (v.) <French concerter<Italian concertare to organize, arrange by mutual agreement, perhaps parasynthetically from con with + certocertain; Latin concertāre (see concertation) is remote in sense

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  • post·con·cert, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for concert


noun(ˈkɒnsɜːt, -sət)
    • a performance of music by players or singers that does not involve theatrical staging: Compare recital (def. 1)

    • (as modifier): a concert version of an opera

  1. agreement in design, plan, or action

  1. in concert

    • acting in a co-ordinated fashion with a common purpose

    • (of musicians, esp rock musicians) performing live

  1. to arrange or contrive (a plan) by mutual agreement

Origin of concert

C16: from French concerter to bring into agreement, from Italian concertare, from Late Latin concertāre to work together, from Latin: to dispute, debate, from certāre to contend

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