concert pitch

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  1. Music. a standard of pitch used for tuning orchestral instruments, usually established at 440 vibrations per second for A above middle C.

  2. a state of heightened eagerness, readiness, or tension: Spring training had brought the athletes up to concert pitch for the beginning of the season.

Origin of concert pitch

First recorded in 1760–70

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How to use concert pitch in a sentence

  • They feel these things are essential to the acquiring of a fine technic, and keeping it up to concert pitch.

    Piano Mastery | Harriette Brower
  • Mrs. Barrast was always screwed up to concert pitch and never gave herself, or any one in her vicinity, a single moment of peace.

    A Son of Perdition | Fergus Hume
  • From the rooms in the rear came the words of a gospel hymn sung in a tremulous soprano and at concert pitch.

    Cy Whittaker's Place | Joseph C. Lincoln
  • Every workman is kept up to concert pitch, and the maximum work per man is obtained without resort to driving or rushing.

    Practical Cinematography and Its Applications | Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot
  • Hands grow busy, the noise recommences, and in a few minutes the buzz rises again to concert pitch.

British Dictionary definitions for concert pitch

concert pitch

  1. the frequency of 440 hertz assigned to the A above middle C: See pitch 1 (def. 30), international pitch

  2. informal a state of extreme readiness

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