1. a combining form meaning “shell; shell-like structure”, used in the formation of compound words: conchology.

Origin of concho-

From Greek, combining form of kónchos “shell”

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How to use concho- in a sentence

  • There is a door leading to the corral from the passage by Concho's room.

  • All is lost; the corral door is locked; the key is outside, and Concho is gone,—gone where?

  • He has done me wrong,—a great wrong, Concho,—but I will forgive him.

  • But it will be just as well to set Concho to track him to the Mission; and I will see that he leaves the rancho alone.

  • They did not wear chaps, either, and their spurs were just spurs, without so much as a silver concho anywhere.

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