[ kong-koid ]
/ ˈkɒŋ kɔɪd /
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noun Geometry.
a plane curve such that if a straight line is drawn from a certain fixed point, called the pole of the curve, to the curve, the part of the line intersected between the curve and its asymptote is always equal to a fixed distance. Equation:r = b ± a sec(θ).
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Origin of conchoid

From the Greek word konchoeidḗs, dating back to 1790–1800. See conch, -oid
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British Dictionary definitions for conchoid

/ (ˈkɒŋkɔɪd) /

geometry a plane curve consisting of two branches situated about a line to which they are asymptotic, so that a line from a fixed point (the pole) intersecting both branches is of constant length between asymptote and either branch. Equation: (x – a)²(x ² + y ²) = b ² x ² where a is the distance between the pole and a vertical asymptote and b is the length of the constant segment
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