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[ kuhn-sahys-lee ]


  1. fully, but in few words; succinctly:

    In that short paragraph you laid out the whole argument, clearly and concisely.

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Example Sentences

It’s “infotainment” in the best sense of that term, blending real-life archival footage with newly filmed “re-enactments” to deliver a concise overview of pre-Stonewall history.

Apple’s has the advantage of working broadly with devices that make up roughly half the mobile representation in markets where it’s available, and a user-friendly, clear and concise design.

It’s essential that all Americans are able to access clear, concise information on what the outcome of the election could mean for their lives, and the lives of their families and communities.

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Moreover, they are concise and answer precisely what the users are looking for.

The more unique, meaningful, and concise your newsletter is the more traffic that gets directed back to your website and content.

I realize now that I spoke to her in paragraphs, babbling on and on, while she talked sparingly but concisely.

He's a very clear writer who can concisely outline large problems without oversimplifying their consequence.

The petition must state concisely the orders of the court and the proceedings in his case.

And then, it's not often you get the chance of seeing a whole development quite so concisely epitomised as we've had it here.

The most popular slang expression of the day is "to rubberneck," or, more concisely, "to rubber."

The question was put so sharply and concisely that Frau von Sigmundskron was taken unawares.

Breckenridge told him as concisely as he could, and Cheynes bent over the silent figure on the bed.