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[ kon-kok-shuhn, kuhn- ]


  1. the act or process of concocting.
  2. something concocted:

    a delicious concoction of beans, rice, and meat.

    Synonyms: blend, medley, mixture

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Word History and Origins

Origin of concoction1

1525–35; < Latin concoctiōn- (stem of concoctiō ) digestion, equivalent to concoct ( us ) ( concoct ) + -iōn- -ion
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Example Sentences

Another 1,000 tons of the same concoction envelops the core of detector, and 2,300 tons of water surround the whole apparatus, shielding it from gamma rays and neutrons spit out by the rocks of the Gran Sasso mountain.

His drink of choice is King Kong, a concoction home-distilled by his friend, “Hot Sausage.”

An opening at the top allows you to add chocolate chips, fruit, or nuts to mix into your concoction, and you can treat yourself to a dish of butter pecan or mint-chocolate chip ice cream in as little as a half hour.

The concoction included two of the four RNA building blocks — the nucleotides that link together to form RNA chains.

Bartenders around the world are incorporating the mineral in various forms to enhance more delicate flavors in their concoctions.

The head banquet man at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City started serving the concoction as a menu staple in 1938.

I pointed out that his concoction was missing a few ingredients.

He tops the concoction with a shot of bourbon and delicately spoons in a couple ice cubes.

In Mexico the cow stomach concoction is called menudo and is made with garlic and onion.

Park did his best to rescue the diabolical concoction from absurdity.

Then he will vent upon you a torrent of abuse, ending in some jumble of socialistic ideas of his own concoction.

He spent a whole day wrestling with the concoction, and gave himself a headache with the ghastly odor.

One of the features of Michaelmas in Scotland was the concoction and cooking of a giant cake, bun, or bannock.

It is a wicked concoction to give to any human being in good health.

A man, he said, is known by his ink; so we went into many shops and asked for that concoction, always in the English tongue.


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