[ kon-duhn ]


  1. Edward Uh·ler [yoo, -ler], 1902–74, U.S. physicist.

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Example Sentences

The video adopts a deliberate gait, giving Condon all the time she needs to dream herself into someone else.

The book Raiford wrote with Condon is called Bress ’n’ Nyam, a Gullah phrase meaning “bless and eat.”

From Eater

The twins themselves, played beautifully by Erin Davie and Emily Padgett, are our inner voice and outer voice, says Condon.

“At that moment it was new and understandably rattling to him,” Condon says.

Condon can take some encouragement that the Times favorably reviewed an earlier Washington production of Side Show.

For someone doing, as he puts it, “double duty,” the 59-year-old Condon looks remarkably spry.

“We tried to be evenhanded, and Poitras is squarely on the side of Snowden,” Condon says.

After a few more moments of conversation, during which Inspector Condon made a note of their names and addresses, the boys left.

He said Inspector Condon had carried our information and surmises about our neighbors to him immediately after seeing us.

“Then suppose you tell us what happened after he left and you were left here alone,” interjected Condon Adams.

But Condon Adams is as anxious to solve this case as I am and he may try to hang something around your neck.

“That was the letter Condon Adams found,” exclaimed Bob, and the filing chief nodded.