[ kuh n-fed-er-uh-see, -fed-ruh-see ]
/ kənˈfɛd ər ə si, -ˈfɛd rə si /

noun, plural con·fed·er·a·cies.

an alliance between persons, parties, states, etc., for some purpose.
a group of persons, parties, states, etc., united by such a confederacy.
a combination of persons for unlawful purposes; conspiracy.

Origin of confederacy

1350–1400; Middle English confederacie < Anglo-French; see confederate, -acy

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Confederate States of America

plural noun

the group of 11 Southern states that seceded from the United States in 1860–61.
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/ (kənˈfɛdərəsɪ, -ˈfɛdrəsɪ) /

noun plural -cies

a union or combination of peoples, states, etc; alliance; league
a combination of groups or individuals for unlawful purposes

Derived forms of confederacy

confederal, adjective

Word Origin for confederacy

C14: from Anglo-French confederacie, from Late Latin confoederātiō agreement, confederation

British Dictionary definitions for confederacy (2 of 3)

/ (kənˈfɛdərəsɪ, -ˈfɛdrəsɪ) /


the Confederacy another name for Confederate States of America

British Dictionary definitions for confederacy (3 of 3)

Confederate States of America

pl n

US history the 11 Southern states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi) that seceded from the Union in 1861, precipitating a civil war with the North. The Confederacy was defeated in 1865 and the South reincorporated into the US
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Cultural definitions for confederacy


The Confederate States of America; the government formed in 1861 by southern states that proclaimed their secession from the United States. Jefferson Davis was its president. The Confederacy was dissolved after the Civil War. (Compare Union.)

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