[ kuhn-fig-yer ]
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verb (used with object),con·fig·ured, con·fig·ur·ing.
  1. to design or adapt to form a specific configuration or for some specific purpose: The planes are being configured to hold more passengers in each row.

  2. Computers.

    • to put together (a computer or computer system) by supplying, arranging, or connecting a specific set of internal or external components: My next laptop will be configured for gaming with a fast processor and lots of memory.

    • to set up (a software program or device) for a particular computer, computer system, or task: to configure the printer for a wireless network.

Origin of configure

Back formation from configuration

Other words from configure

  • con·fig·ur·a·ble, adjective
  • pre·con·fig·ure, verb (used with object), pre·con·fig·ured, pre·con·fig·ur·ing.

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/ (ˌkənˈfɪɡə) /

  1. to arrange or organize

  2. computing to set up (a piece of hardware or software) as required

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