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[ kuhn-fley-shuhn ]


  1. the process or result of fusing items into one entity; fusion; amalgamation.
  2. Bibliography.
    1. the combination of two variant texts into a new one.
    2. the text resulting from such a combination.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of conflation1

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English word from Late Latin word conflātiō. See conflate, -ion
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Example Sentences

In this regard, we should recognize that confusion, conflation, and uncertainty are prerequisites for disruption.

From Time

In that regard, Radegast might have been a conflation of the god Svarog.

Scientists on both sides of the invasive species debate agree this conflation is problematic.

From Vox

The problem with this conflation became clear when I looked into the building depicted in the aforementioned Camden TikTok video.

From Vox

It’s interesting that today, again, we have this conflation between critical race theory, in the same way that the burgeoning Civil Rights movement and communism were being conflated.

Conflation of the words “intervention” and “invasion” needlessly stymie debate.

Duggar is playing on the old and false conservative conflation of non-heteronormativity with criminal deviancy.

The conflation of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments is nothing new.

From a political perspective, the erroneous but strategic conflation of inequality and mobility makes obvious sense.

Opponents saw her as a Trojan Horse for the ousted president, dubbing her Xiomel, a conflation of the couple's nicknames.

The Academica, as they have come down to us, are a conflation from the two editions of this work.

For a considerable period we find a religion prevalent among the common people, which is simply a conflation of the two religions.

It is quite obvious that the story as we have it is a conflation of two versions of the anecdote.

Conflation is the combination of two (or more) different expressions into one.

Of these classes, it is evident that Conflation has nothing to do with Additions or Transpositions.


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