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[ kuhn-flik-tid ]


  1. full of conflicting conflicting emotions or impulses:

    a situation that makes one feel very conflicted.

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Example Sentences

At the very least, new stories will leave many people feeling deeply conflicted about whether they can support or enjoy a new Harry Potter series in the wake of Rowling’s problematic statements.

From Vox

Nearly four decades after the program aired, Washington Post television critic Hank Stuever wrote that it “remains one of television’s most memorable and emotionally conflicted events.”

Some researchers said they would stop reviewing conference papers from Google-affiliated researchers since they now could not be sure the authors weren’t hopelessly conflicted.

From Fortune

While she is proud to be an elector, she feels conflicted about the electoral college itself.

You see, Jin, an honorable samurai, becomes a man conflicted.

From Time

Hip-hop and faith have a long and sometimes conflicted history; but it was often presented in nuanced or subdued ways.

Sure, they have children, and sure her feelings were conflicted but this did not make sense in the way it was written and played.

Koenig proceeds to deliver her deeply conflicted, sorta-kinda support for Adnan.

As Weber writes, the film “would rather Katniss be a conflicted hero instead of a romantic lead.”

In The Theory of Everything, the “master of the universe” is depicted as a gentle man and loving—albeit conflicted—husband.

If two or more persons conflicted with each other, I adopted the views of the last.

Monotheism had a natural adaptation to this belief, while Polytheism naturally and necessarily conflicted with it.

Laws were made against such frauds, but laws were little regarded when they conflicted with self-interest.

On the south the boundaries conflicted with the claims of Baltimore.

In the first confusion of his faculties, when habit and inherent propensity conflicted, habit dominated his mind.


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