[ kong-guh ]
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noun,plural con·gas.
  1. Also called conga line . a Cuban ballroom dance that consists of three steps forward followed by a kick, characteristically performed by a group following a leader in a single line.

  2. the music for this dance.

  1. Also called con·ga drum [kong-guh-druhm] /ˈkɒŋ gə ˌdrʌm/ . a tall, conical, Afro-Cuban drum played with the hands.

verb (used without object),con·gaed, con·ga·ing.
  1. to dance a conga.

Origin of conga

First recorded in 1930–35; from Cuban Spanish

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/ (ˈkɒŋɡə) /

  1. a Latin American dance of three steps and a kick to each bar, usually performed by a number of people in single file

  2. Also called: conga drum a large tubular bass drum, used chiefly in Latin American and funk music and played with the hands

verb-gas, -gaing or -gaed
  1. (intr) to dance the conga

Origin of conga

C20: from American Spanish, feminine of congo belonging to the Congo

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