[ kong-ger ]
/ ˈkɒŋ gər /


a large marine eel, Conger conger, sometimes reaching a length of 10 feet (3 meters), used for food.
any other eel of the family Congridae.

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Origin of conger

1250–1300; Middle English kunger, congre < Old French congre < Latin conger < Greek góngros sea-eel, gnarl, protuberance

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/ (ˈkɒŋɡə) /


any large marine eel of the family Congridae, esp Conger conger, occurring in temperate and tropical coastal waters

Word Origin for conger

C14: from Old French congre, from Latin conger, from Greek gongros sea eel

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Word Origin and History for conger



c.1300, from Latin conger "sea-eel," from Greek gongros "conger," probably from PIE root *geng-, *gong- "a lump, rounded object."

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