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/ kənˈdʒɛstɪd /


  1. crowded to excess; overfull
  2. (of an organ or part) loaded or clogged with blood
  3. (of the nose) blocked with mucus
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Example Sentences

Software was going to replace our dangerous, congested, sprawling roads with something utterly safe, seamless and organized.

It’s as though one could drive at high speed through a congested city center, never hitting a traffic light.

For some, the change was spurred by employees’ worries about the potential issues — like congested polling or needing extra time between voters so that coronavirus restrictions can be met — that could crop up while trying to vote during the pandemic.

From Digiday

Still, with planes having been flying at only about 30% of capacity, travelers have room and reason to consider taking to the skies this holiday season, normally the most congested time of year.

From Fortune

The three rides below were comfortable and powered by fairly fuel-efficient engines, which meant I could breeze past congested rest areas instead of stressing out about stopping for gas.

Just feet away, in a well-organized but congested bedroom, crates and terrariums and other enclosures stack from floor to ceiling.

The Scotland of India By Tunku Varadarajan India has become known for the congested traffic and crowds of the cities.

India has become known for the congested traffic and crowds of the cities.

Seoul is, as its boosters claim, fully modern but also both highly congested and aesthetically barren.

In the United States and elsewhere, people, when asked, generally say they prefer less dense, less congested places to live.

I do not remember any place outside of London where streets were more congested with all kinds of traffic.

London Bridge, which crosses near the Bank of England, is the most congested of all.

Every cellar is congested, the top floors having been wholly abandoned.

The London workhouses had become congested "by the flocking into them of the lowest and most difficult to manage classes of poor."

The National Liberal became feverishly congested towards midnight as the results of the counting came dropping in.