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[koh-nee-een, -in, -neen]
  1. a volatile, highly poisonous alkaloid, C8H17N, constituting the active principle of the poison hemlock.
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Also co·nin [koh-nin] /ˈkoʊ nɪn/, co·nine [koh-neen, -nin] /ˈkoʊ nin, -nɪn/.

Origin of coniine

First recorded in 1825–35; coni(um) + -ine2
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Historical Examples of coniine

  • All the above have a similar physiological action to coniine.

    Poisons: Their Effects and Detection

    Alexander Wynter Blyth

  • Coniine forms with carbon disulphide a thiosulphate and a sulphite.

  • The saturated watery solution of coniine at 15°, becomes cloudy if gently warmed, and clears again on cooling.

  • Conium owes its active properties to a volatile liquid alkaloid, Coniine, united with a crystalline alkaloid, Conhydrine.

  • If placed in a current of air in the sun, a fly completely under the influence of coniine may recover.

British Dictionary definitions for coniine


conin (ˈkəʊnɪn) or conine (ˈkəʊniːn, -nɪn)

  1. Also called: cicutine (ˈsɪkjʊtiːn), conicine (ˈkəʊnɪsiːn) a colourless poisonous soluble liquid alkaloid found in hemlock; 2-propylpiperidine. Formula: C 5 H 10 NC 3 H 7
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Word Origin for coniine

C19: from conium + ine ²
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