[ kong-kling ]


  1. Roscoe, 1829–88, U.S. lawyer and politician: senator 1867–81.

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Example Sentences

The Senate hastily approved the nomination and then waited to see if Conkling would accept.

Defeated for reelection in 1862, Conkling returned to the House two years later.

The particular reform that irked Conkling was the then-novel proposal to eliminate patronage in federal civil service hiring.

So quipped U.S. Sen. Roscoe Conkling of New York 130 years ago.

Of the Conkling letter, his private secretaries later observed: “Nothing he ever uttered had a more instantaneous success.”

At this time Captain Conkling was seventy-five years old, and had retired long since from active diving.

The President tried hard afterwards to regain Mr. Conkling's friendship, but in vain.

Mr. Conkling had occasion to make a request of the President which the latter could not see his way clear to grant.

As previously stated, however, the President was anxious to avoid a break with Senator Conkling.

That remark wounded Mr. Conkling's pride; and he could never be induced to forgive the one who had so hurt him.





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