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[ kuh-nek-tid-nis ]


  1. the fact of being or feeling socially, emotionally, spiritually, or professionally linked with others or with another, or the robustness of such relationships:

    There's something about sharing stories as a group that builds a sense of connectedness.

    “Social capital” is the connectedness, trust, and reciprocity in a community that gives it the capacity for collective action.

  2. the fact of being characterized by links of any kind between people or things:

    In an era of connectedness, when information flows so fluidly, competition can and will come from many places.

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Example Sentences

We’re all going to be more present in our ski experience, more connected to our close friends and family, a little more immersive than consumptive.

The technology behind it is the internet of things—networks of connected devices such as sensors, robots, and wearables.

The post How YouTube is working to focus advertisers’ attentions on its connected TV inventory appeared first on Digiday.

From Digiday

They watch whatever they want, wherever they want and they shift seamlessly from OTT to connected TV to linear TV to digital video.

From Digiday

The connected systems that grant operators visibility into their systems could very well be the downfall of the operations.

From Fortune

"Technology celebrates connectedness, but encourages retreat," Foer writes.

Afterward, the throng of women is left in a very different mood from the connectedness that prevailed at the conference.

The child's indolence is due to the same cause—lack of connectedness between ideas.

Through being with another, connectedness occurs and moments of joy are experienced by both.

The caring moment is connectedness between nurse and other and both experience moments of joy.

This personal knowing fosters human awareness of our connectedness and interdependence.

Personal knowing—knowing of self and other—is integral to the connectedness of persons in this dance.


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