[ kuh-nek-shuhn ]
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  1. the act or state of connecting.

  2. the state of being connected: the connection between cause and effect.

  1. anything that connects; a connecting part; link; bond: an electrical connection.

  2. association; relationship: the connection between crime and poverty; no connection with any other firm of the same name.

  3. a circle of friends or associates or a member of such a circle.

  4. association with or development of something observed, imagined, discussed, etc.: to make a connection between the smell of smoke and the presence of fire; I have a few thoughts in connection with your last remarks.

  5. contextual relation; context, as of a word.

  6. the meeting of trains, planes, etc., for transfer of passengers: There are good connections between buses in Chicago.

  7. Often connections . a transfer by a passenger from one conveyance to another: to miss connections.

  8. a specific vehicle, airplane, ship, etc., boarded in making connections: My connection for Hartford is the 10:58.

  9. a relative, especially by marriage or distant blood relationship.

  10. Slang. a person who sells drugs directly to addicts.

  11. a source of supply for goods, material, etc., that is scarce, difficult, or illegal to obtain: a connection to obtain guns and ammunition for the rebels.

  12. a group of persons who are connected, as by political or religious ties.

  13. Usually connections . associates, relations, acquaintances, or friends, especially representing or having some influence or power: European connections; good connections in Congress.

  14. a religious denomination: the Methodist connection.

  15. a channel of communication: a bad telephone connection.

  16. sexual intercourse.

Origin of connection

First recorded in 1350–1400; variant spelling of connexion; Middle English conneccioun, connexioun, from Middle French, from Latin connexiōn-, stem of connexiō, equivalent to connex(us), past participle of connectere “to connect” + -iō -ion
  • Also British, con·nex·ion .

Other words for connection

Other words from connection

  • con·nec·tion·al, adjective
  • mis·con·nec·tion, noun
  • pre·con·nec·tion, noun
  • re·con·nec·tion, noun

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/ (kəˈnɛkʃən) /

  1. the act or state of connecting; union

  2. something that connects, joins, or relates; link or bond

  1. a relationship or association

  2. logical sequence in thought or expression; coherence

  3. the relation of a word or phrase to its context: in this connection the word has no political significance

  4. (often plural) an acquaintance, esp one who is influential or has prestige

  5. a relative, esp if distant and related by marriage

    • an opportunity to transfer from one train, bus, aircraft, ship, etc, to another

    • the vehicle, aircraft, etc, scheduled to provide such an opportunity

  6. (plural) NZ the persons owning or controlling a racehorse

  7. a link, usually a wire or metallic strip, between two components in an electric circuit or system

  8. a communications link between two points, esp by telephone

  9. slang a supplier of illegal drugs, such as heroin

  10. rare sexual intercourse

  11. rare a small sect or religious group united by a body of distinct beliefs or practices

Derived forms of connection

  • connectional or connexional, adjective

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