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or con·nect·er

[ kuh-nek-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that connects.
  2. any of various devices for connecting one object to another.
  3. (formerly) a person who couples railroad cars.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of connector1

First recorded in 1785–95; connect + -or 2
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Example Sentences

Vino has been a great connector this year, as we’ve shared glasses with friends virtually and traveled by proxy to regions we can’t visit.

From Fortune

Okta co-founder and CEO Todd McKinnon says that the company has created a series of connectors to make it easier to connect identity to a workflow that includes sales and marketing tooling.

I ride my gravel bike on connector roads to the open lands around my town.

Cha added that Hong Kong remains an “excellent connector” between East and West, and said the territory’s stock markets are “stable and steady.”

From Fortune

Tiny robots can operate as nerve cell connectors, bridging gaps between two distinct groups of cells.

Then he would connect them to other amazing people—he was a connector.

Also, Apple also took a huge step backward in the design of their latest connector.

Apple improved the next version, redesigning the connector to be lower profile, rounded, and directing the cable to the side.

It was at the latter that she met Gagosian, who has undoubtedly proved a powerful connector for her.

Each series has its own special circumstances, but then there's the near-universal connector of reality shows: stakes.

The connector or attachment plug should be of rubber or solid plastic and have a metal cord grip fastened to it.

Only insofar as I held the endotracheal connector in place into the tracheotomy tube.

As will be shown later, the normal way of releasing the switches is from the connector back over the release wire.

It has already been stated that the connector is of the same general type of apparatus as the first and the second selectors.

This grounds the vertical side of the line at his station and operates the vertical relay at the connector.


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