[ kon-uh-sur-ship, -soor- ]

  1. the fact or state of being a connoisseur, a person who is especially competent to make discerning judgments in the fine arts or, often, in some other field; critical expertise, or the qualities of a connoisseur generally: Private galleries were a way for collectors to show off their education, taste, and connoisseurship.Fine tea defines a sense of culture, marks a ritual, and offers a sense of connoisseurship.

Origin of connoisseurship


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How to use connoisseurship in a sentence

  • Winckelmann gloated over their beauty, for he united the artist's appreciation to the connoisseurship of the archologist.

    Romance of Roman Villas | Elizabeth W. (Elizbeth Williams) Champney
  • connoisseurship is a science and may hold within itself no element of aesthetic enjoyment.

    The Gate of Appreciation | Carleton Noyes
  • By the end of the fifteenth century art is becoming a question of rules; appreciation a matter of connoisseurship.

    Art | Clive Bell
  • He liked good food, and was proud of his connoisseurship in matters of cookery, and wines.

    William Morris | Elizabeth Luther Cary
  • Every detail spoke of the connoisseurship, the refined and personal taste characteristic of Oxford in the eighties.

    The Invader | Margaret L. Woods