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/ ˈkɒnsɪkwənsɪz /

plural noun

  1. functioning as singular a game in which each player writes down a part of a story, folds over the paper, and passes it on to another player who continues the story. After several stages, the resulting (nonsensical) stories are read out

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Example Sentences

They were going to tell their story, consequences be damned.

But, as the people of Irving are now discovering, all of this poking and prodding is not without potential consequences.

Still, I worry that a simple traffic stop could have tragic consequences.

His next book is Government against Itself: Public Union Power and Its Consequences (Oxford) due out in January 2015.

Giving in, even the slightest amount to international gangsters, will only invite higher prices and worse consequences.

Few people, I think, realize that, and fewer still realize the reasonable consequences of that.

Women generally consider consequences in love, seldom in resentment.

Was Sir Hugh Wheeler aware of the proposed marriage, with all the terrible consequences that it heralded?

And new consequences, still more disastrous than any she had foreseen, presented themselves one after another.

The consequences of the incident at Papayani's ball remained a secret to the young wife.