[ kon-suh-nuhnt ]
/ ˈkɒn sə nənt /


  1. (in English articulation) a speech sound produced by occluding with or without releasing (p, b; t, d; k, g), diverting (m, n, ng), or obstructing (f, v; s, z, etc.) the flow of air from the lungs (opposed to vowel).
  2. (in a syllable) any sound other than the sound of greatest sonority in the syllable, as b, r, and g in brig (opposed to sonant).Compare vowel(def 1b).
  3. (in linguistic function) a concept empirically determined as a phonological element in structural contrast with vowel, as the b of be, the w of we, the y, s, and t of yeast, etc.
a letter that usually represents a consonant sound.


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Origin of consonant

1350–1400; Middle English consona(u)nt (< Anglo-French) < Latin consonant- (stem of consonāns, present participle of consonāre to sound with or together). See con-, sonant

Related formscon·so·nant·like, adjectivecon·so·nant·ly, adverbun·con·so·nant, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for consonantly

  • "They would have socked it to him, I reckon," Jimmy exclaimed, consonantly.

    The Entailed Hat|George Alfred Townsend

British Dictionary definitions for consonantly


/ (ˈkɒnsənənt) /


a speech sound or letter of the alphabet other than a vowel; a stop, fricative, or continuant


(postpositive; foll by with or to) consistent; in agreement
harmonious in tone or sound
music characterized by the presence of a consonance
being or relating to a consonant
Derived Formsconsonantly, adverb

Word Origin for consonant

C14: from Latin consonāns, from consonāre to sound at the same time, be in harmony, from sonāre to sound

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