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[ kuhn-spir-uh-tawr-ee-uhl ]


  1. relating to or being a conspiracy, a secretive plan that is unlawful, harmful, or evil:

    They believe these rulings to be the result of a conspiratorial plot cooked up by big business interests.

  2. suggesting or giving the impression of such a plan:

    The memory I have of that night is of wicked giggles and conspiratorial whispering about Tim with my best friend Gillian.

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Other Words From

  • con·spir·a·to·ri·al·ly adverb
  • non·con·spir·a·to·ri·al adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of conspiratorial1

conspiratory + -al 1

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Example Sentences

People have criticized the company for not doing enough to crack down on groups spreading the unfounded QAnon conspiracy theories, and then for saying it was banning all QAnon accounts.

Things like the QAnon hashtag save the children, or there was a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton staffers rigging the Iowa caucus.

Now a lot of this starts on conspiracy websites, but it’s on social media that it gets amplified and spread.

The way forward, she thinks, can’t be to just correct conspiracy beliefs on a case by case basis, because research shows compelling false claims spread faster than their refutations.

Conservative social media service Parler has become a haven for hate groups, extremists, and conspiracy theorists, anti-racism watchdog Anti-Defamation League warned on Friday.

From Fortune

Hitchcock leans toward me in a conspiratorial, almost lascivious, way and says, “Let's pile on the menace.”

This is the conspiratorial mind using skepticism as a cloak for intellectual laziness.

To add to the conspiratorial flair, they added that the DA told them not to talk to the FBI or the CIA either.

Any plot that relies on my ability to maintain conspiratorial silence is doomed to fail.

Occasionally his fluent, French-accented sentences will conclude with a conspiratorial giggle.

She, too, gave me a conspiratorial wink and patted her handbag.

Jon swept the shutter over one eye tube in a conspiratorial wink, the large mech did the same as he rolled away.

Sister, entering upon this conspiratorial dialogue, unhesitatingly gave her approval.

Sobered by this threat, Everett looked about with a conspiratorial air and leaned across the table.

I only felt some little twinge within, certain qualms of conscience about the conspiratorial character of the transaction.