[ kon-stuh ns ]
/ ˈkɒn stəns /


Lake. German Boden·see. a lake in W Europe, bounded by Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 46 miles (74 km) long; 207 sq. mi. (536 sq. km).
German Konstanz. a city in S Germany, on this lake: important church council 1414–18.
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/ (ˈkɒnstəns) /


a city in S Germany, in Baden-Württemberg on Lake Constance: tourist centre. Pop: 80 716 (2003 est)German name: Konstanz
Lake Constance a lake in W Europe, bounded by S Germany, W Austria, and N Switzerland, through which the Rhine flows. Area: 536 sq km. (207 sq miles)German name: Bodensee
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mid-14c., "steadfastness," from Old French constance "steadfastness, permanence" (14c.), from Latin constantia (source of Italian costanza, Spanish constancia), noun of action from constantem (see constant (adj.)). Obsolete since 17c. except as a given name for a girl, which enjoyed a mild popularity in U.S. c.1945-1955.

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