[ kuhn-strik-shuhn ]
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  1. the act of constricting.

  2. the state of being constricted; tightness or inward pressure.

  1. a constricted part.

  2. something that constricts.

  3. Phonetics. an articulated narrowing of the vocal tract that in consonants audibly obstructs the flow of air and in vowels defines an interconnection between or among resonance cavities.: Compare closure (def. 6).

Origin of constriction

1350–1400; Middle English <Late Latin constrīctiōn- (stem of constrīctiō), equivalent to Latin constrīct(us) (see constrict) + -iōn--ion

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How to use constriction in a sentence

  • Then his brain and his heart began to stir and move again a little, the constriction of the paralysis was passing off.

    The Angel of Pain | E. F. Benson
  • It is the constriction of dress, that is to be feared, and not any particular article that produces it.

    A Treatise on Domestic Economy | Catherine Esther Beecher
  • It is in the position most used when engaged in common employments, that we are to judge of the constriction of dress.

    A Treatise on Domestic Economy | Catherine Esther Beecher
  • Before disconnecting the apparatus, seal the glass tube from the culture vessel at the constriction, using the blowpipe flame.

British Dictionary definitions for constriction


/ (kənˈstrɪkʃən) /

  1. a feeling of tightness in some part of the body, such as the chest

  2. the act of constricting or condition of being constricted

  1. something that is constricted

  2. genetics a localized narrow region of a chromosome, esp at the centromere

Derived forms of constriction

  • constrictive, adjective
  • constrictively, adverb
  • constrictiveness, noun

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