[ kon-tn-uh ns ]
/ ˈkɒn tn əns /


self-restraint or abstinence, especially in regard to sexual activity; temperance; moderation.
Physiology. the ability to voluntarily control urinary and fecal discharge.

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Also con·ti·nen·cy.

Origin of continence

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English word from Latin word continentia. See continent, -ence

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Word Origin and History for continence



late 14c., "self-restraint," from Old French continence (14c.), from Latin continentia "a holding back, repression," from continent-, present participle stem of continere (see continent). Especially of sexual desire from late 14c.; of the body's eliminatory functions, from 1915. Related: Continency.

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Medicine definitions for continence


[ kŏntə-nəns ]


Self-restraint; moderation.
Voluntary control over urinary and fecal discharge.
Partial or complete abstention from sexual activity.
Related formsconti•nent adj.

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