Continental Army


, American History.
  1. the Revolutionary War Army, authorized by the Continental Congress in 1775 and led by George Washington.

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Example Sentences

The US has a long history of vaccine mandates, starting with president George Washington’s 1777 order that all Continental Army soldiers undergo the crude and risky process of smallpox inoculation, which eventually led to their victory.

From Quartz

Not unlike the military today, in which vaccine misinformation and resistance festers, Continental Army soldiers came from all over the country, including places unfamiliar with or suspicious of inoculation.

The commander of the Continental Army realized that if he did not inoculate his army against smallpox, he might not have an army.

Or he could have been referring to the entire Continental Army.

Later, he pledged to the Americans serving under him in the Continental Army “I never will forsake you.”

The British under Burgoyne had advanced their works so far as to threaten a complete inclosure of the continental army.

Wooster was appointed one of the first brigadiers of the continental army, in 1775, and third in rank.

He was promoted to the rank of brigadier in the continental army, in January, 1783.

The following year he was unanimously chosen commander in chief, and assumed the command of the Continental Army July 2, 1775.

If the remnant of the Continental army retreated, these unfortunate men would doubtless be left behind to pine in their prisons.





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