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[ kuhn-tin-yoo-uh-lee ]


  1. very often; at regular or frequent intervals; habitually.
  2. without cessation or intermission; unceasingly; always.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of continually1

First recorded in 1175–1225, continually is from the Middle English word continuelli, continueliche; continual, -ly

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Example Sentences

He admits to being “continually thwarted” in his efforts to learn more about his namesake’s personality.

Typically, he walks down Massachusetts Avenue, then to 14th Street, continually squatting to collect the trash he spots along the way.

I explained that crawling sites via third-party tools is incredibly important and helpful, but for larger-scale sites, it’s often not feasible to continually crawl massive sites hunting for problems.

Stephen Floor, a professor who uses the platform in California, says reporting coronavirus misinformation on Nextdoor can be a frustrating cycle of being urged to continually report content.

From Vox

His mastery of the inside game in Congress as he continually pushed his home state’s interests sometimes led to feuds with other lawmakers.

God has to continually prompt and prod him, and puts his brother Aaron at his side to do most of the real leadership.

Lack of elaboration is a virus that continually infects the book, sometimes having a sickening effect on the reader.

The beauty of the 3-D printer was that users would continually figure out new ways to use it.

He was said to have been "continually drunk for five years" at the court of Charles II in the 1670s.

So why are we continually inundated with images and hate speech perpetuating this harmful lie?

That was because he was hungry, you see, but pigs nearly always eat fast, as though they were continually in a hurry.

He was continually presenting innumerable imaginary fivers to little people.

With this object in view, he has been continually paid his salary from the judicial expenses.

Nothing was out of the ordinary except that the Professor developed an odd trick of continually glancing at his right hand.

I will praise thy name continually, and will praise it with thanksgiving, and my prayer was heard.