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[ kuhn-tin-yood ]


  1. lasting or enduring without interruption:

    continued good health.

  2. going on after an interruption; resuming:

    a continued TV series.

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Other Words From

  • con·tinued·ly adverb
  • con·tinued·ness noun
  • uncon·tinued adjective
  • well-con·tinued adjective

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Example Sentences

With the continued expansion of cities, deer have increasingly overlapped with humans.

The report was marked by continued job loss in the leisure and hospitality industry, which shed 61,000 jobs, as layoffs hit amusement and gambling businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars.

I shot back at my mother when she yelled, breaking potted plants one night when she threatened to call the police for my continued truancy.

However, this doesn’t take away from the promising and continued growth of online shopping among digital-first and multichannel brands going forward.

Generally, though, the excitement is mostly over, except for continued breezy winds, gusting from the northwest near or past 30 mph.

“Someone is determined to keep Bill Cosby off TV,” she continued.

The procession continued on to the Cypress Hill Cemetery, where Ramos was buried the week before.

He beat his illness twice, wrote about his battles with the disease, and continued broadcasting even as his health was failing.

If Dudesmash were to be something we continued doing, this would be an important year to do it, ‘cause we didn’t do one last year.

“Personal hotspots are just that, personal,” Sesar continued.

He began his military career at the age of 11, and continued in the service nearly 60 years.

Thus he continued to rush over the frozen sea during a considerable part of that night.

No; there I stood, half-astonished, half-abashed while the Marquise continued on her knees and made her silent orisons.

He joined the army at the outbreak of the revolution, and continued in it until it was disbanded.

She continued to deliver herself upon a hundred topics, and it hardly matters where we take her up.





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