[ kuhn-tral-toh ]
/ kənˈtræl toʊ /
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noun, plural con·tral·tos.

the lowest female voice or voice part, intermediate between soprano and tenor.
the alto, or highest male voice or voice part.
a singer with a contralto voice.


pertaining to the contralto voice or its compass.



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Origin of contralto

1720–30; <Italian, equivalent to contr(a) contra-2 + alto alto
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British Dictionary definitions for contralto

/ (kənˈtræltəʊ, -ˈtrɑːl-) /

noun plural -tos or -ti (-tɪ)

the lowest female voice, usually having a range of approximately from F a fifth below middle C to D a ninth above itIn the context of a choir often shortened to: alto
a singer with such a voice


of or denoting a contraltothe contralto part

Word Origin for contralto

C18: from Italian; see contra-, alto
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Cultural definitions for contralto

[ (kuhn-tral-toh) ]

The lowest range of the female singing voice; alto.

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